What is the easiest way to Clean your Blinds?

Do you need to Clean your Blinds? If your blinds require a good dusting, you can use a clean and dry paintbrush to effectively get between the slats. For more demanding jobs, wrap the ends of kitchen tongs in rags or towels and secure them with rubber bands, then dip in rubbing alcohol or your favorite cleaning solution, close the blinds, and go to it! The tongs make it easy to access both sides of the blinds at the same time.

The most effective method to clean pull cords

Your blinds look great, but what about those pull cords, grimy from years of greasy hands? Restore them with this simple trick. Get a stepladder or something the same height as the top of the blinds (where the pull cord begins). Fill a jar with cold water and add a tablespoon of bleach or other cleaner. Pull your blinds up so the larger part of the cord is exposed. Lay the jar on top of the ladder and soak the cord for a few hours. When you’re done, transfer the cord to a jar of water to rinse, then pat dry with some rags or towels.

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