Reasons why vertical blinds are good for your home

There are many different window treatments for you to choose for your home. One of these treatments is vertical blinds. Vertical blinds are beautiful window treatments that have long fabric layers that hang perpendicular to the ground. Surprisingly, these stunning blinds are not the most popular choice of window treatment for homes. However, this doesn’t mean they aren’t the right choice for you. Here are a few reasons why vertical blinds are good for your home:

Easy to maintain

Vertical blinds are the perfect choice for homes as they are easy to maintain. For general daily maintenance, add them into your daily vacuuming routine. Switch your floor vacuum nozzle to a smaller nozzle with a brush to get rid of any dust that has accumulated throughout the day. Other maintenance, such as spot removal, can be performed with the use of a mild detergent, water and a microfibre cloth.

Suitable for large windows

It is not the easiest task to find window treatments for large windows. Thankfully, vertical blinds are a window treatment well-suited to fit perfectly in a large bay window or in front of a sliding door. They can be found in various sizes, making them a great choice for tall windows of any width.

Opening methods

A fantastic feature of vertical blinds is that they can be opened in many ways. These treatments can be opened from either end of the railing, allowing you to let light in from different areas of the window. Two sets of vertical blinds can be placed on the same railing to provide a curtain-like opening effect as well. Not only can they be opened fully, but the layers can be turned as necessary for light control.

Illusion of height

Interior design techniques use vertical lines to give the illusion of height. Vertical blinds are a great way of subtly adding vertical lines to the room to create a feeling of height and space. These beautiful window treatments can do no wrong in the world of interior design.

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