5 Tips on how to maintain your Awnings so it will last longer

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Awnings create an indistinguishable ambience in the interior and exterior of a home. Due to the awnings continually being exposed to the elements, it is important to note that there are 5 definitive tips on maintaining your awnings. These include:

1.Keep debris off the awnings
As mentioned before, awnings are exposed to the elements such as harsh ultra violet rays, wind exposure and rainfall throughout the seasons. Making sure that leaves, twigs and other debris does not accumulate on the awnings will increase the awnings aesthetic value.

2.Conduct routine inspections
Prevention is better than cure. By inspecting the extent of the awnings exposure, one can identify how often to clean the awnings.

3.Enhance the aesthetic value
The awnings aesthetic appeal will enhance through cleaning the awnings with galvanised materials, if the core materials permit to do so.

4.Utilise the proper equipment and techniques when cleaning your awning
Soft bristled brushes with warm water and a mild, natural cleaning soap usually does the trick. For ceiling structures with sheets, it would be more appropriate to use a hose pipe with a light mist.

5.Employ the professionals
Fix A Blind are experts in the Awnings Maintenance business. We have all the equipment and tricks of the business to keep your awnings in pristine condition.

Contact Fix A Blind for more illustrative maintenance for your Awnings.

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