Why Shutters are your best option when it comes to safety and durability

Fix A Blind are industry specialists in providing the highest calibre of shutters and blinds. Our services are comprehensive through the installation of the blinds as well as the servicing, repairing and laundering of all makes of blinds.

Shutters have the ability to control the amount of sunlight that enters a room as well as the natural ventilation. In addition, shutters provide a sense of enhanced security by eliminating the likelihood of unwanted intrusion or damage to the property. Shutters from Fix-A-Blind contribute to the aesthetic appeal of the room, whether industrial or residential.

The shutter and blinds predominantly consist of a frame and vertical stiles and horizontal rails which can be positioned either horizontally, top, centred or on the bottom. The types of materials the shutters are manufactured with are designed to withstand the harshest weather conditions and exposure to wear and tear throughout utilisation.

Shutters also creates a sense of transparency and privacy to ensure that the homeowners have full visibility of the interior and exterior designs of their home. Shutters are available in different colours and materials including wood and aluminium.

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