Quality Awnings

We manufacture, supply, and repair quality awnings, as well as many other products in South Africa. At Fix A Blind, we practice a constant improvement to excellence and quality, and our products and services are guaranteed. One of the most practical advantages of awnings will be the energy savings realized by a reduced air conditioning load. They can reduce up to 25% of air conditioning costs, resulting in a very good return on your investment. They are known to enhance a home’s aesthetics, and the fact that there are more options available today than ever before, you can choose either a retractable or fixed frame awning. There are many fabric choices, graphics and lettering options and design styles to compliment and enhance the look of your home or business premises.

With awnings, you can extend your outdoor living space. The fixed frame patio awnings and motorized retractable awnings improve your outdoor living experience. You can even add accessories to patio awnings to make them more functional, for example, you can add:

  • Surrounding screens to keep out unwanted insects
  • Solar curtains to filter out the heat of the sun
  • Retractable tie back drapes for a classic look
  • Drop down connecting fabric curtains to extend your season into the cooler weather 

We specialize in the following Awnings:


  • Ideal Awnings for enclosing an area
  • Keep out wind, sun or light rain
  • Fully retractable
  • Available in different fabrics
  • Gearbox winding mechanism

Outdoor roller blinds are made from the finest materials, providing ultimate protection from the sun and UV rays but also with the flexibility of rolling them away when not needed.



  • Fold arm Awnings are like adding an extra room to your home or unit without the construction costs
  • These awnings maximise your outdoor areas and are excellent patios, verandas, restaurants or store fronts
  • Folding arm awnings provide excellent UV protection without obstruction to your view
  • This product’s elegant, unobtrusive appearance makes it ideal for both residential and retail applications, as a wall fix or recessed installation.



  • Protects entrances/ windows from sun and light rain
  • Protects blinds and curtains from harsh UV rays
  • Adds character to any home or shop



  • Wedge awnings are fixed frame awnings which are NON-retractable
  • These are custom made according to requirements



With the use of the unique climbing hinge feature, the “Prince” of the range gives increased projection and walk under height.

At Fix a Blind, we manufacture, supply and repair awnings. You can count on us for quality products.

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