Reasons why vertical blinds are good for your home

There are many different window treatments for you to choose for your home. One of these treatments is vertical blinds. Vertical blinds are beautiful window treatments that have long fabric layers that hang perpendicular to the ground. Surprisingly, these stunning blinds are not the most popular choice of window treatment for homes. However, this doesn’t mean they aren’t the right choice for you. Here are a few reasons why vertical blinds are good for your home:

Easy to maintain


Benefits of having Duette honeycomb blinds in your home

It’s no secret that blinds and shades provide the best solution for your window covering needs. Because of this, it can be difficult to select blinds or shades to match your home’s interior design. While we could go on and on about the different kinds of blinds and shades available to you, this post will focus on duettehoneycomb blinds.

What are duette honeycomb blinds?

These types of blinds are more versatile than many other blinds the market. Their unique design and cellular nature allows them to be used flexibly. Honeycomb blinds are made from two or more layers of nonwoven polyester that are combined at the pleats to form cellular compartments which trap in air.

This design doesn’t just add aesthetical value, it serves the purpose of efficiency and versatility. Here are the benefits of duette honeycomb blinds:

They offer better insulation

Many other blinds and shades struggle to keep heat in or out of your home. This can be a major drawback considering the erratic nature of South African weather. The cellular design of honeycomb blinds allows them to trap air within them and keep the heat or cold in/out. They’re the perfect solution for a balanced temperature in your home.

Our duette honeycombs blindshave excellent insulation properties and reduce sound reflection. They’re made from a unique antistatic honeycomb fabric with permanent pleats that resist fraying. Check them out!

They are highly versatile and efficient

Duettehoneycomb blinds can beinstalled where other blinds cannot be, such as on skylights. They travel along a supporting rail that prevents the blinds from falling, which allows you to open and close your skylight honeycomb blinds with peace of mind.

They also have dual opening functionality. While most blinds can only be closed from the top-down, duette honeycomb blinds can close from the bottom-up, allowing them to be closed inincrements. This means you can open them halfway if you so wish.

They’re space savvy and financially friendly

Duette honeycomb blinds fold upwards when they’re closed, a feature that prevents them from taking up too much space when closed. Thanks to their cellular design, these blinds can save you on your utilities (heating and air conditioning can be expensive).

Get in touch with us today to learn more about what our duette honeycomb blinds can do for you.

Tips on how to measure and install Bamboo Shades

Shades and blinds are two affordable household features that can add to your home’s aesthetical value. They are used in almost every home in South Africa, and while the jury is still out on which is better, the fact still remains that they’re the better option over curtains for many areas in a home.


Why Shutters are your best option when it comes to safety and durability

Fix A Blind are industry specialists in providing the highest calibre of shutters and blinds. Our services are comprehensive through the installation of the blinds as well as the servicing, repairing and laundering of all makes of blinds.


Blinds vs Shades which are better?

Both blinds and shades offer a variety of benefits to homeowners. Choosing between the two can be a difficult task. If you aren’t sure whether to choose between blinds or shades for your windows, read about them below to find out which of these window treatments is the best option for you:


How to clean venetian window blinds

Fix A Blind is a specialist in providing a comprehensive range of quality designer blinds across different categories. We offer blinds, shutters, quality awnings as well as other specializations of installing blinds and enterprise servicing of blinds.


Why it is important to maintain and Clean Your Blinds

Blinds have versatile characteristics available in distinctive styles and practical applications. Additional benefits of using blinds as opposed to curtains are the natural lighting and ventilation that the blind offers. Fix A Blind are the industry specialists in blinds, curtains and awnings.


5 Tips on how to maintain your Awnings so it will last longer

Fix A Blind is a pristine manufacturer, supplier and repairer of a wide range of shutters and other products in South Africa. In addition to that, our product categorisation includes blinds, shutters and other extra services. more…

Why are Blinds the best form of Window Coverings?

Blinds are available in different colours, and you can choose from manual or motorized operation. Many homeowners prefer them because of the trendy look they provide to your window coverings. They usually come in various designs, delectably offering different appearance from the traditional curtains or fabric drapes. Blinds are designed to fit the other interior decorations to perfectly match other sections of the house, like the kitchen and bathroom. In some instances, depending on the house structure, some home designers recommend roller blinds to be installed instead of drapes, in many new built or refurbished interiors. more…

What is the easiest way to Clean your Blinds?

Do you need to Clean your Blinds? If your blinds require a good dusting, you can use a clean and dry paintbrush to effectively get between the slats. For more demanding jobs, wrap the ends of kitchen tongs in rags or towels and secure them with rubber bands, then dip in rubbing alcohol or your favorite cleaning solution, close the blinds, and go to it! The tongs make it easy to access both sides of the blinds at the same time. more…

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